“RPI KurskProm” LLC manufactures and supplies Rubber Bearings according to own Technical Requirements 2563-008-13436288-2012, developed in accordance with Russian standards (Branch Construction Norms 86-83, developed by “SoyuzdoNII” JSC in cooperation with Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Scientific and Research Institute of Bridges and Flaw Detection of the Federal Agency of Railway Transport") , Industrial Road Guidance Document 218.2.002-2008 “RECOMMENDATIONS IN POLYMERICAL BRIDGE BEARINGS PROJECTING AND INSTALLATION”, FEDERAL ROAD AGENCY (ROSAVTODOR)), as well as by the customer's agreement in accordance with DIN 4141 and EN 1337 standards included in the given Technical Requirements.

Rubber Bearings are elements of a bridge structure that transmit the pressure of span to the bridge support. Rubber Bearing provides linear and angle shifts of a span by the bearing's shear and its eccentric deformation.

The rubber used in the production of Rubber Bearings has a complex of characters necessary for long-term exploitation of products: high resistance to mechanical load (15 mPA and higher vertical relative load) and chemical and physical impacts.

Due to the fact that long life of Rubber Bearings is defined by the durability of the materials they are made of (rubber, glue joint steel armature), the Federal State Unitary Enterprise made a special research of Rubber Bearings endurance assessment (Special Research-07-01).

The endurance tests of rubber and glue joint were made by GOST 9.707-81 “Polymeric materials, Methods of accelerated climatic ageing tests”, where the system of methods that allow to assess the impact of various climatic factors during the exploitation of Rubber Bearings in different climate zones of Russia by the results of accelerated laboratory tests and make a forecast of the Rubber Bearings durability.

According to the research of the FEDERAL STATE UNITARY ENTERPRISE “SOYUZDORNII” the predictable life of Rubber Bearings made of IRI-1347-1 rubber is 60 years, and more than 100 years for NO-68-1 rubber.