"RPI KurskProm" LLC factory has created industrial rubber goods of "screen" series for using at shooting galleries with assault weapon. The factory serially produces these products are manufactured by own Technical Requirements 2500-015-13436288-2015. Industrial rubber goods of “screen” series are classified into:

  • interactive screens;

  • anti-ricochet curtains;

  • ricochet-absorbing floor coating.

The interactive screen is used to project the image of the targets or video scene at the time of shooting from assault riffle or imitating laser weapon. High-molecular, high-viscous structure allows to preserve the integrity of a product.

The interactive screen is manufactured of КП-210 in the non-formed way of colours from white to beige. It is reinforced with special fabric that preserves the whole integrity of the canvas for all the period of exploitation, by the customer's demand.

The standard depth of an interactive screen may be 1, 3, 5, 6 mm depending on the weapon used. The width of the interactive screen is in a range from 900 mm to 2500 mm. The length of the interactive screen – from 1000 mm to 8000 mm. It is possible to produce screens of larger width and length by consideration with the customer.

The screen of 1250 mm is produced with the method of multiple stage glueing to get the necessary width (height). A wavy connection of the height no more than 1 cm, that has no impact on the projected image (without leading to distortions over 10%), is permitted at the glued joint. The created vulcanized joint must provide the operating parameters analogical to the main canvas of the screen.

The parameters of the screen for 20 000 shooting for the screen of 2500*4000 mm size, at the proportional redistribution of shooting zone, at the angle of bullet input of 80°-90°.