Are used to protect mining equipment from the applied shock and hydroabrasive impact of the crashed and transported ore or non-ore materials. All the lining details are made of special wear-resistant rubber. These rubber compounds are operable at the temperature range from -40C to +70C.

Our company works in assimilating and using the rubber lining for installation at the classificators instead of metallic Wear-Resistant Chromium Cast iron Details in cooperation with the specialists of Lebedinskii mining and concentrating plant (Lebedinskii GOK) for 7 years.

The world experience shows that rubber is one of the best solutions for wear-resistant coatings and lining manufacturing, especially when working at high hydroabrasive wear conditions.

ОMain advantages of rubber lining:

  • Reducing the level of noise.

  • High hydroabrasive load resistance, absence of corrosion in aggressive medium.

  • Simplicity of assembling and disassembling of lining.

  • Long term of rubber lining exploitation.

  • Unlike the metal lining, our classificator lining substitutes four Wear-Resistant Chromium Cast iron details, covering the paddle entirely.

Rubber compounds are operable at the temperature from -40C to +70C. Nowadays all the Spiral Classificators 2,4 of Concentrating Plant of Lebedinskii Mining and Concentrating plant (Lebedinskii GOK) are equipped with rubber lining. 75% of them are produced by our factory. The experience showed that:

  • the time of equipment downtime for planned and unplanned repairs shortens by 25-30%;

  • the term of exploitation of rubber elements of the lining is higher than the term of exploitation of steel lining;

  • shortening the weight of lining by five times as compared to the metallic lining leads to the increase of term of exploitation of fender bearings. It reduces the drive load and energy consumption. Lower weight of rubber makes the transportation and assembly easier, reduces the risk of accidents during the assembly and repair;

  • the rubber absorbs the sound effectively and produces lower level of noise as compared to other lining materials;

  • metal lining requires more frequent inspection and repair, screws lift, but rubber lining does not require bolts lift, there is no pulp leak at bolt connections;

In total, using rubber allows to reduce the price of the products manufacturing by 4-5% at the preparatory operations.

Marks of classifiers:

Lining of Spiral Classificator 2.4-01 (2.4 meters classifier)
Lining of Spiral Classificator 3-01 (3 meters classifier)