Super Cone Fenders belong to the latest generation of fenders, that combine perfect energy capacities with low reaction force, that allows to provide effective operation of fender of any type. Cone shape of fender keeps the body stable at the combination of all axis load, shift load and corner load, making the fender ideal for berths where angle mooring and other impacts must be considered.

All the Super Cone Fenders are all-cast, solid, long-lived and easily installed. Frontal carcass is used in combination with facing made with UHMW-PE plates in Super Cone Fenders manufacturing.

General characters of Super Cone Fenders:

  • High-performance shape with high ratios of proportion between absorbed energy and reaction force.

  • Perfectly suites for berthing at a high angle and for shifts.

  • Multifunctionality of the structure may satisfy all the customer's requirements.

  • Possibility to choose low, standard, medium and high levels of rubber solidity.

  • Stable structure stays operable at any combination of loads, that allows to install frontal steel frames of high weight up to the weight of fender at the cone fender without using the weight chains.

Field of use:

  1. General load berths.

  2. Terminals for loose goods.

  3. Oil and liquid natural gas transportation devices.

  4. Container berths.

  5. Berths for ships of RO-RO type.

  6. Polling and moorings.