Arch Fenders (Trapezoidal Fenders)Arch fenders is a new generation of arch fenders that provide reliable and safe maintenance of moorings in severe operating conditions. Arch fenders may be additionally equipped with (UHMW-PE) polyethylene straps.

Arch fenders is a simple type of shaped fenders. They have the following benefits: solid structure, high wear resistance, low price, that’s why arch fenders are being used in the world for a long time.

“RPI KurskProm” LLC produces two types of arch fenders such as arched rubber and rubber arched plate types.

Fenders of Arched rubber type are equipped with a rubber contact panel that satisfies all the main customers’ requirements perfectly. Possibility of high friction of rubber surfaces is used to soften the collision between the ship and the berth during sea waving and similar weather conditions.

Fenders of Rubber arched plate type with built-in steel lining for bolt fixation of UHMW-PE lining panels with low friction ratio is suitable when the friction must be low or when the presence of lining panel is obligatory.

General characteristics of arch fenders of arched rubber and rubber arched plate type:

  • Simple monolithic structure.

  • High wear-resistance.

  • Formed or alloyed detail requires minimum technical service and has a longer life.

  • Reliable and easily installed bolt connections (may be installed vertically and horizontally).

  • Two types of structure for choice: Arched rubber and Arched rubber with plate type.

  • Fenders of this type have higher resistance to shear force (both vertical and horizontal shear).

  • Wide range of size, length and energy indicators.

Field of use:

  1. Berths for barges and tugboats.

  2. Berths for general cargo.

  3. Harbours for utility boats.

  4. Berths for ships of RO-RO type.