Rubber compounds (or raw rubbers, or commodity rubbers) are produced by the method of gradual mixing the rubber compounds and ingredients at the special technological mixing equipment – at rubber refinery devices or in the rubber mixer.

Rubber compounds are half fabricates for industrial rubber goods production, tires production, etc.

“RPI KurskProm” LLC produces rubber compounds that are used by our customers as raw materials for own production of industrial rubber goods.

In order to make a correct choice of rubber compound type it is necessary to define the operating conditions for the vulcanized industrial rubber product, i.e.:

  • temperature regime of vulcanized product operation

  • the possible maximum and minimum temperature impact to the industrial rubber detail

  • chemical aggressive agents that will impact the vulcanized product regularly

  • reagents and environments that may impact for a short time

  • character of product operation – what physical impacts are applied to the rubber detail

  • technological processes of industrial rubber product production

The analysis of the given factors allows to choose the rubber compound of optimal compound or create a corrected recipe or a new one – for the conditions of use.