“RPI KurskProm” LLC works at the market of industrial rubber goods since 2002. The managers of the company have more than thirty years experience of working in companies of industrial rubber goods production industry.

The main field of industrial rubber goods manufacturing of our factory is the production of products for ports infrastructure: arch fenders, cylindrical fenders, rubbing band, extruded fenders. We entered the market of industrial rubber products for ports infrastructure more than 10 years ago and recommended ourselves as reliable suppliers of high quality and competitive production.

Cylindrical fenders and rubbing band produced by our factory are used at most of ports from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. The production is being released in accordance with our own Technical Requirements, our production is certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. We recommended ourselves as a supplier of high quality production in Russia as well as abroad. We have supplied products to Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia and other countries. These products are considered with the quality of the leading world products, but they have a beneficial price.

Our factory produces rubber bearings in accordance with Russian State Standards; in agreement with the customer, we may produce rubber bearings in accordance with DIN 4141, EN 1337 standards. We produce all-round movable bearings as well as bridge bearings with steel structure that restricts the mobility of bearings

in the given direction:

linear movable:

  • longitudinal bridge bearings;

  • transverse bridge bearings;

  • fixed bridge bearings.

The factory produces all-round movable anchored reinforced bridge bearings of three types:

  • Anchored with bolts reinforced bearing with outside metal plates. Horizontal force is transmitted to the construction via anchor bolts.

  • Anchored with spline reinforced bearing with outside metal plates and a spline. Horizontal force is transmitted to the construction via spline.

  • Anchored with ribbed metal reinforced bearing with outside corrugated metal plates and spline. Horizontal force is transmitted to the construction via the corrugated plate.

The enterprise is a leading supplier of industrial rubber goods to the battery enterprises of Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The company is also a producer of wide assortment of industrial rubber products for various purposes:

  • Conveyer belt;

  • Flat drive belts;

  • Lining;

  • Rubber sheets;

  • Vulcanized rubber cords, rubber sealing profile, rubber seals;

  • Carpets for cattle, etc.;

Our customers are:


  • “Sochimorstroi” LLC

  • “Mining Machinery Holding Company Rudgormash-Voronezh” LLC

  • “Vladmorstroi” LLC

  • “Voronezhselmash” LLC

  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise “P.I. Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors” CIAM Research centre

Technical basis and qualified personnel allows our company to satisfy the individual requirements of every customer, we can produce any kind of industrial rubber goods in accordance with your drawings and supply them to the inspection on your request.