"RPI KurskProm" LLC factory has created industrial rubber goods of "screen" series for using at shooting galleries with assault weapon. The factory serially produces these products are manufactured by own Technical Requirements 2500-015-13436288-2015. Industrial rubber goods of “screen” series are classified into:

  • interactive screens;

  • anti-ricochet curtains;

  • anti-ricochet flooring.

Anti-ricochet curtain is used for absorbing the bullet ricochet at the angle more than 15º and for protection of walls at the time of shooting from firearm of any type, any caliber, any kinetic energy and shooting speed.

Anti-ricochet curtain is made of beige color rubber of KP-205 type by non-formed way, reinforced with special fabric that provides the integrity of the product in the process of exploitation.

It is possible to produce anti-ricochet curtains of other colours like black, blue, green or other colors by consideration with the customer.

The standard thickness of anti-ricochet curtain is 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm depending on the type and class of the weapon. The width of anti-ricochet curtain is in a range from 900mm to 1300mm. By the requirement of customer's technical assignment the width of the coating may be changed.

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