15 September

According to the order of MT Group, cylindrical fenders of 540 mm diameter and 8 meters length were manufactured in the frost-resistance execution for “Illya Muromets” icebreaker that is being built at the Admiralty Shipyards.

10 August

New cylindrical fenders with grooves for attaching to the shipboard were produced in the frost-resistant execution especially by the order of Rosatomflot.

26 July

The revision made by the Federal Autonomous Institution "Russian Maritime Register of Shipping" held at the factory has completed.

21 July

In the shortest time, the party of rectangular reinforced fenders in frost-resistant execution was released at “RPI KurskProm” LLC ...

07 July

Due to the import substitution, the structure of carriers for imported sweet beet harvesters was improved by the order of Krasnodar machinery and tractor station ...

15 June

Due to the fact that over the last two years the amount of orders of mooring fenders of different types in northern execution for berths and icebreakers increased ...